“Your website is really helpful and easy to work with!”


We’ve sat down with teacher Elena Suhoverhova from Kharkiv in Ukraine who tells us how the EntreAssess website helped her with the assessment challenge in her teaching. Elena is an English teacher at Secondary School 160 in Kharkiv. 

Elena Suhoverhova

Elena, thank you for sharing your feedback with us and showing other educators how they may use the EntreAssess website to discover innovative assessment methods for entrepreneurial education. What part of the EntreAssess website was most beneficial for you? 

First of all, I find the EntreAssess website really helpful and easy to work with. But the best thing has got to be the examples! It is very valuable to me as a teacher that I can read and think about how others teach and how that would fit with my children and our goals. It is valuable when you can compare and choose.

Did you enjoy a specific example that we portrayed?

I have read a lot on the blog and the thoughts of colleagues in the interviews and especially enjoyed the experiences shared from Craigfelen Primary School and Howells School.

Which of the tools or methods that EntreAssess collected did you use in your classroom?

I made the decision to use the website and tools because it is truly beneficial for my pupils. As I am a teacher of English, the main task for me – except to teach grammar – is to make my pupils talk and communicate without difficulties. To fulfil this goal, I am trying to involve them in different cases. Using the site makes my task easier because I can use the toolkit and choose.

I try to connect the aim of my lesson, the interests of my pupils and the usefulness of the site. It is just like magic! With the help of your site and the understanding I gained about the EntreComp framework I can:

  • encourage my students to think differently
  • make connections between different things
  • create opportunities for them
  • analyse the context and understand it better
  • provide the environment for the creative minds of our students, and ultimately
  • support pupils in developing their abilities (which is really important for the youth and children)!

To sum it up, your site is a great thing to work with children!

To sum it up, your site is a great thing to work with children!

I use your tasks for developing speaking skills and I have practiced Dilemma scenarios and planning events with my pupils specifically. For the assessment, we use the Gibbs circle (we make conversation between us).



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