Craigfelen Primary School

In short: Craigfelan is a primary school in Wales that uses entrepreneurial learning to motivate and inspire pupils, whilst ensuring that they make progress, by using Entrecomp for teaching and assessment. Age group: 9-11 for pilot, now used at 4-11 Initial challenges: The decision was made to incorporate enterprise into the heart of the curriculum[…]

“Your website is really helpful and easy to work with!”

We’ve sat down with teacher Elena Suhoverhova from Kharkiv in Ukraine who tells us how the EntreAssess website helped her with the assessment challenge in her teaching. Elena is an English teacher at Secondary School 160 in Kharkiv.  Elena, thank you for sharing your feedback with us and showing other educators how they may use the EntreAssess website[…]

Popping up a shop

Real life experiences are all part of becoming entrepreneurial, but what does that feel like to a year 1/2 pupil (ISCED Level 1 equivalent)? How do they know a good idea from a weaker one and can they articulate their decisions? Craigfelen Primary School – an entrepreneurial school in a challenging area of Swansea Craigfelen[…]