New Zealand Key Competence Self-Audit Framework


What it is: The tool is a self-audit framework of questions for teachers about effective pedagogy and the design of learning experiences that will stretch students as they encounter purposeful key competency/learning area combinations.

How it works: The framework provides nine simple questions that can underpin teachers’ inquiries into how well the key competencies (KC) are being embedded into learning.


Benefits: There are reciprocal relationships between the learning areas and the key competencies. When these relationships are purposefully exploited both the learning areas and the key competencies are strengthened. Opportunities to develop key competencies can play out as opportunities to develop learning areas and vice versa. These materials support in-school professional learning conversations.

Challenges: Focus may be lost if teachers are faced with an overtly complicated construct (sheer amount of skills, attitudes to bear in mind). Lack of clear progression models and failure to find common strategy with other teachers/learning areas may also hinder the potential of this tool.

Relevance for entrepreneurial teaching: The nine questions prompt a useful reflection on how to better embed the entrepreneurial key competence in the classroom.

Applied assessment methods: Self-assessment (teacher),

Examples from practice: The tool incorporates a mosaic of 14 engaging examples of practice that show what this pedagogy might look like in different learning areas and insights into important aspects of the key competencies.

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