New Zealand Key Competence Self-Audit Framework

What it is: The tool is a self-audit framework of questions for teachers about effective pedagogy and the design of learning experiences that will stretch students as they encounter purposeful key competency/learning area combinations. How it works: The framework provides nine simple questions that can underpin teachers’ inquiries into how well the key competencies (KC)[…]


What it is: The EntreComp framework is a reference de facto for any initiative aiming to foster entrepreneurial capacity. It consists of three interrelated and interconnected competence areas, each of which is made up of five competences. Together, they constitute the building blocks of entrepreneurship as a competence. The framework can be used as a[…]

Enterprise and Employability Challenge

What it is: The Skills Challenge Certificate acnowledges the assessment of the essential skills within the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification, including literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving, planning and organisation, creativity and innovation and personal effectiveness. How it works: The purpose of the Enterprise and Employability Challenge is to provide opportunities for learners to[…]


What it is: An electronic portfolio, also known as an ePortfolio or digital portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas. The collection often includes student participation in selecting content, the criteria for selection, the criteria for judging merit, and evidence of[…]

Five habits of creativity

What it is: Five habits of creativity (see here and here) is a tool to carry out formative assessments of student creativity in school. It presents a five-dimensional definition of creativity: Complex and multifaceted, occurs in all domains of life; Learnable; Important to be successful in life; Analysable as personal dispositions; Influenced by context and[…]

Simply Do Ideas

What it is: Simply Do Ideas is a business canvas tool to support the development of early stage business ideas. How it works: An IT platform that works on desktop or mobile devices, whereby users input information about an idea into a canvas, based on the six C’s of: Customers, Competitors, Concept, Contents, Compatibility and[…]

Authentic performance-based assessment of problem-solving in VET

What it is: Problem-solving is performed as part of coursework and used to assess technical/vocational skills but assessed using separate criteria. Problem-solving is not specifically “taught” as such and the assessment instruments are viewed as “developmental tools” (assessment for learning). Key competence assessments are voluntary and the teacher plays a validator role. How it works:[…]


What it is: LoopMe is a formative e-assessment tool consisting of a digital and mobile communication platform that allows for simple and relevant one-to-one dialogues between teachers and learners. The teacher defines mandatory action-oriented tasks that learners perform and then reflect upon. How it works: Teachers can use LoopMe to design an action-based learning experience[…]