Developing and assessing entrepreneurial competences – interview with VET teacher Paz Fernandez de Vera

Paz Ferndandez de Vera is a VET teacher at IES El Batán, a government-funded Secondary School in Mieres (Asturias). Mieres is a former industrial and mining town of about 40.000 inhabitants located in the North of Spain. It can be considered an underprivileged area since there has been a drastic reduction in the number of[…]

EntreAssess logo designer Daniel Huxtable features in Welsh Government’s Economic Action Plan

When we commissioned Daniel Huxtable to design the EntreAssess logo we recognised his talents but had no idea that he would later feature in the Welsh Government’s Economic plan, launched in December 2017!  Daniel is showcased as an inspirational role model and exemplar of someone taking forward a business whilst studying at University. He is now[…]

Teaching and learning entrepreneurially in a VET school – the example of San José de Calasanz in Bilabo

San José de Calasanz is a vocational training centre founded in 1969. It is located in Santurtzi, a municipality of about 50,000 inhabitants on the left bank of the Nervion River, one of the most populated areas of Metropolitan Bilbao in the Basque Country. San José de Calasanz has been training students from all ages[…]

EntreAssess presented at International Entrepreneurship Education Summit in Germany

On 1 December, Rebecca Weicht of our project partner Bantani Education shared information about EntreAssess at the International Entrepreneurship Education Summit organised by Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) in Stuttgart, Germany.    Talking to an audience of learners, educators and business people, she introduced the project to great interest.  IEES is an (un-)conference that[…]

During Vocational Skills Week, making assessment a focus to bring VET forward!

Vocational Skills Week is coming up and the best of it is… there is some fantastic entrepreneurship education happening across Europe! Montenegro sees the National Partnership for Entrepreneurial Learning Conference, bringing together those involved in inspiring and supporting the pathway for youth entrepreneurship, from primary level through to VET, as a key transition between college[…]

The future of education: Learning for a multiplicity of realities

Augmented reality (AR) is expected to have a significant impact on education over the next few decades. AR is a technology that uses data gleaned from the Internet, sensors embedded in our portable devices, and novel display technologies to create digital overlays that are mapped onto the environment that we directly perceive. The result is[…]

EntreAssess discussed at United Nations in Geneva

News of the EntreAssess approaches to understanding what it takes to be entrepreneurial have been discussed at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva. A few years ago UNCTAD conducted a series of Multi Year Expert Groups and developed an ‘eco system’ approach to developing policy frameworks that support entrepreneurship. Enhanced[…]

Local Action Group Iceland: Trying out assessment methods in innovation education and entrepreneurship

During the 2016-2017 school year, INNOENT Iceland took on a project with the LEA of Borgarbyggð. The project aimed to introduce innovation education and entrepreneurship education into the school curriculum at all levels of education in the district. This includes pre-primary (ages 1-5), as well as primary and secondary schools (ages 6-16). At project kick-off,[…]