Simply Do Ideas


What it is: Simply Do Ideas is a business canvas tool to support the development of early stage business ideas.

How it works: An IT platform that works on desktop or mobile devices, whereby users input information about an idea into a canvas, based on the six C’s of: Customers, Competitors, Concept, Contents, Compatibility and Cash, using text, images and weblinks. The site draws together the information to create a visual business plan and a pitch.

Benefits: There is a saving in staff time and resources, as the technology allows 24/7 multi-device access, enabling wide geographical reach and access. The tool fosters creativity, vision and valuing ideas during all stages of the development of business concepts, under the 6 C’s, designed to be visually exciting in order to engage learners.

Challenges: For maximum benefit learners need access to a computer or mobile to use the on-line platform. However, it is possible to use a printed document to capture thoughts and ideas.

Relevance for entrepreneurial teaching: The tool was specifically designed to meet the needs of and empower young people and organisations to capture information to develop and take forward ideas. It was mapped against the requirements of the UK Quality Assurance Agency, which enhances its relevance to Universities as well as schools. As the tool explores business ideas it can be used for any learning activities surrounding business planning. Any product or service can be explored with the tool, either new or existing, using action-orientated assignments.
The tool can also be used for pitching events or idea ‘hackdays’.

Applied assessment methods: Simply Do ideas is an example of an e-assessment tool that can be used for formative and summative learning. The tool facilitates continual reflection and is therefore relevant for self and peer assessment. Performance assessment can be applied through the authentic task(s) that the learners are asked to perform.

Examples from practice: Simply Do Ideas has been used across all levels of learning and is seen to be particularly effective as a mode of delivering entrepreneurship education that incorporates business planning as a vehicle for assessment. Learners can refine and revisit their video pitches, which educators/stakeholders can view and assess within or beyond a classroom environment. The tool has also been used by Startups and by those wishing to encourage innovation in business (Intrapreneurship).

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